Distracted Driving Resources

CAA Website

CAA Distracted Driving web page. Click to open this resource in a new tab.

EndDD.org Website

EndDD.org is an awareness program put together by the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation.

Adding Demerits

Global News reports on increasing distracted driving penalties.

Stiff New Penalties

Global News reports on new penalties for distracted driving.


Alberta distracted driving legislation information.

Texting & Driving PSA

A short video promoting awareness for the consequences of texting and driving.

Traffic Safety Act

Download and read the Alberta Traffic Safety Act.

Samsung S Drive

Video promoting Samsung's S Drive program.

Courage Award

Global News Special Report on Renaye's accident & Courage Award.


RADD believes in bringing awareness and education to our new drivers. We give a 40 minute presentation which is a combination of video and speech given by Renaye on her journey and how distracted driving has changed her life.

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